What makes a good translation?

How many times have you watched a movie and at some point sensed that something was wrong with the subtitles? If you had somewhat understood the foreign speaker, you may have noticed that the translation lost a part of its meaning or failed to properly convey a joke. Or, while reading a book by a foreign author, you may have gotten the sense it had been written by Yoda. So finding the meaning words behind some effort took. Perhaps, at one point, you had serious doubts whether the article of an agreement spoke of renouncing all liability or only about its limitation.

And perhaps your company wanted to save money by using the translation tool of a famous search engine and instead earned the title of an international laughing stock.

The first time I noticed that the joke I was reading on my TV screen was not funny because it had been translated poorly, I decided that, when I grow up, I wanted to be a translator. A good translator. Several decades and a lot of mistakes later, while I was trying to translate a Benny Hill song into Croatian without it sounding completely ridiculous (well, at least not on purpose 🙂 ), it occurred to me that a good translation is a tricky beast.

You have to make sure you do everything in your power to retain the meaning of the source text and, at the same time, take care that the language stays invisible.

Sometimes you accept the fact that a perfect translation is an impossible goal. And then you prove to yourself you were wrong.

A Few Facts About Me

My name is Tanja Jurišić, and I am the owner of, and the chief translator at the Wordbender. I am an English translator, graduated from the University of Zagreb, and a certified court interpreter at the County Court in Zagreb, Croatia, and I have been professionally playing with words for almost 12 years now. During that time, I have worked as a subtitler for local television, written and translated for the web, localized plugins and websites, interpreted and translated for non-profit organizations, banks, the green and the telecommunications industry, I have started a translation agency and solved a lot of crossword puzzles.

You can check my profiles on ProZ.com and LinkedIn and if you are interested in my professional history, contact me and I will send you my résumé.

About the Wordbender

Now that I have been properly introduced, let me tell you a bit more about the Wordbender.

The Wordbender is a small, two-person translation agency started in 2015, focused on high quality translation, editing, and content writing.

With the help of my partner, a language enthusiast/business administrator/fellow proofreader, I localize, translate, interpret, create subtitles, summarize, transcribe, review and write original content or transcreate. However, the thing we both do most is – fact checking.

Being real sticklers for accuracy, both in language and in meaning, we do word-yoga daily, and bend-over-backwards to find the right phrase till we reach the most complete content consensus. Sometimes we achieve this by ourselves and sometimes with outside help from various experts. To be completely honest, the learning never stops. And that is exactly why we love what we do. 🙂

How Can We Help You?

Are you thinking about expanding your business to Croatia? Plan on staying for a while? Just passing through?

Well, you will probably need someone who speaks native and who is willing to help you out.

Be it a document in legalese, a technical manual for a solar-powered head scratcher or a tourist brochure for a remote island, we will be happy to help you get your meaning across, accurately and elegantly. And also, we will make sure that the language stays invisible to your readers.


    • You got into trouble and are due to appear in one of our fine legal institutions here in Zagreb, perhaps we cannot help you prove your innocence, but we can make sure your story gets heard and understood properly. Certified court interpreter at your service. 🙂
    • You were wondering about our terms and conditions, our pricing policy and our view of security, take a look at the corresponding links or contact us through our Skype or e-mail us for more details.
    • You are unsure whether we will be able to translate or otherwise process your document, here is a short list of documents and fields we have dealt with:



Business correspondence, dictations, project proposals, project documents, reports, memos, minutes, code tables, etc.


Contracts, personal documents (identity cards, driver’s licenses, birth or marriage certificates, etc.), tender applications, nonprofit organization articles of incorporation, minutes, permits, licenses, authorizations, decisions, etc.


Manuals, directions for use, reports, expert reports, studies, research, documents with regard to automobile industry, civil engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy sources, etc.


Website content, texts on the subject of virtualization, localization of websites, plugins, etc.


Articles in the fields of social psychology, philosophy, sociology, papers, abstracts, environmental impact studies, etc.


Market research, exhibition catalogues, tourist brochures, cosmetic product manuals, directions for use, subtitles for movies, animated movies, sitcoms, documentaries, sports broadcasts, entertainment shows, etc.


For more details about our services, or a free quote, feel free to contact us or visit us here in Croatia.
We will be happy to hear from you!